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Gold Cufflinks

Gold cufflinks come in a variety of styles, patterns and shapes and can be made of yellow, white and standard gold. More complex cufflinks have ornate designs, high street logo emblems and even names engraved on them. Though more commonly worn by men, cufflinks are also worn by women on the sleeves of blouses and dresses for the same purpose which is to fasten the 2 sides of a cuff.

A Brief History of Cufflinks

Before cufflinks were invented, shirt cuffs were held together by what are known as 'cuff strings' which were replaced during 1700's by a pair of identical glass beads joined together by a small chain. Typically depending upon income, different styles become popular, with richer people choosing to wear decorated or fine jewellery studs or even diamonds linked together by gold links. Cufflinks were originally only designed for use on shirts with 2 button holes and no cuff buttons. Typically shirts of this style had either sleeve cuffs which were pressed together or those overlapping each other before being held together by cufflinks. It was this method of tying together cuffs which lead to the use of the kind of cufflinks we wear today.

Plain Cufflink Designs

Plain gold cufflinks come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit different peoples' individual tastes and fashions. They may be square in shape, rectangular, oval or circular and some have cropped or curved off corners. Others cuff-links have simple framing with embossed edges or engraved words or names worked into them.

Shaped Cufflinks

Gold cufflinks are available in a variety of moulded shapes from simple balls, diamond shapes to ornate shapes such as animal heads, classic cars and even faces. Some cufflinks are in made in the shape of short words or names with individual letters joined up by an underlying bar of gold or other metal and some are joined together to look like a hand written word with swirling calligraphy. Car shaped gold cufflinks are a common shape and some have even been designed to resemble popular sports cars and brand logos.

Gemstone Cufflinks

For another level of style, some gemstone gold cufflinks have been designed with a gemstone set within them, though this type of cufflink is likely to be very expensive, they're commonly seen in many high street jewellers as people want more elaborate accessories for their shirts and blouses. Types precious of gemstones which are popular are things such as rubies, onyx, diamonds and mother of pearl. Gemstone gold cufflinks certainly add another dimension to the overall look of those who wear them as the gemstones catch and reflect the light in addition to the eye-catching gold.

Personalised Cufflinks

With fashion becoming ever more personal with fashion outlets only offering small numbers of the same outfits as customers want to be seen to be more individual as to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, cufflinks designs have become more personalised and can be engraved with personal initials, words and even symbols in order for the owner to have something unique holding his/her sleeves together in style.

Alternatives to Cufflinks

There aren't many alternative to silver of gold cufflinks, apart from the obvious button, in the early 20th century the French shirt maker 'Chavret' developed a silk knot which fastened together shirt cuffs adequately and stylishly. The silk knot cufflink was cheaper to make and became popular and were also known as monkey fists.

John Hollins Gold Cufflinks

John Hollins produces a comprehensive range of classic 9ct mens gold jewellery cufflinks crafted in our on-site jewellery workshop. All of our gold cufflinks are made using hallmarked 9ct yellow gold. The range includes a selection of plain gold jewellery cufflinks in varying shapes and sizes. Patterned mens gold cufflinks are also shown within this range. All of the plain gold cufflinks are suitable for hand engraving initials on for an additional sum. The link for adding hand engraving of the gold cufflinks is shown within each product.

9ct Gold Cufflinks are ideal for special birthdays, wedding presents and boys Christening presents.

John Hollins Fine Jewellery
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We accept all major credit / debit cards

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