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Certain gemstones have traditionally been associated with different months of the year. They are thought to be important or lucky for people born under their 'influence'.

This is thought to come from the ancient concept that gems came from the heavens. The custom of wearing Birthstone jewellery started in 18th Century Poland and has spread throughout the world.

A list of the most popular selection is shown below:

- Garnet
- Amethyst
- Aquamarine
- Diamond
- Emerald
- Pearl
- Ruby
- Peridot
- Sapphire
- Opal
- Topaz
- Turquoise

Peridot is a vibrant green colour and although Olivine (the constituent mineral) is a relatively abundant, gem quality Peridot is quite rare.

The majority of all opal is produced in Australia. This gem can be found in a variety of colours ranging from white to black. The most common being white and green while black and red is the rarest.

Amethyst is a precious type of quarts. Formed in volcanoes, these stones are generally violet but when exposed to heat they become yellow. Modern production techniques mean that this stone can be manufactured as opposed to being mined. Distinguishing natural and manmade amethyst is very difficult.

Topaz, at its purest is transparent but often impurities give the stone a hue. Topaz is often processed to give it a particular colour. Rubies are also used for earring decoration.

Our current range of gemstone jewellery includes Ametyst, Auqamarine, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite and Opal rings. We also stock other Sapphire jewellery such as Sapphire pendants

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We accept all major credit / debit cards

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