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Silver Photo Frames

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Silver photo frames can quickly and easily improve the way a room looks with pictures on the walls. By framing works of art, photographs of loved ones or indeed famous people you look up to for inspiration in everyday life, you heighten the image by making it stand out. The highly reflective edges provided silver frame will catch your eye as you walk around the room and also the eye of guest to your home. With the range of styles and sizes of silver photo frames we offer you will be able to improve the atmosphere in a dull room with several frames or even with one, well placed large silver framed photograph above a fireplace or next to a window.

Types of Silver Photograph Frame We Offer.

  • Plain Solid Photo Frames - This type of silver frame is designed for making a bold statement with the photograph or piece of art you are framing and mounting on the wall of your home or office. The thick frame not only holds the image within it, it presents it to the people in the room by framing it in an strong housing which attracts the eye as it reflects both light but also the viewers' image to.

  • Patterned Photo Frames - These patterned silver photo frames are designed for those areas around the home which benefit from a little more finesse or creative styling, such as a bedroom. If the frame is to be used in a commercial setting within a ladies hairdressers or within the lounge of a hotel, then a patterned frame may work better. The patterns on our silver photo frames are only subtle as not to take the eye from the photograph or piece of art displayed within it.

Choosing Gold or Silver Photo Frames

Though not as popular and widely used as gold photo frames, silver frames give off a different feel and touch of class as they are associated with sterile and polished environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition silver is more reflective of particularly light than gold, but also its easier to make out a facial reflection in silver than gold as it has no colour.

Hallmarked Sterling Silver

The silver photo frames which we sell feature a Sterling silver hallmark and have velvet backs. They can easily be hung on the wall as either portrait or landscape depending upon what image you choose to frame with them. These types of silver frame make the perfect gift for family member or a friend who is redecorating a room in their house, who wants to make a bold statement with a framed photograph on the wall.



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