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Sapphire Rings

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Sapphire Rings

The traditional blue Sapphire is still a highly sought after stone, particularly when set with fine diamonds to set off their fantastic blue colour. We stock both 9ct gold and 18ct gold Sapphire rings, set together with diamonds to enhance their appearance.

The Sapphire Ring

The gemstone known as Sapphire is made up of the mineral Corundum, which - although naturally clear - can come in a variety of different colours depending on the levels of impurities present.

Almost any corundum gemstone is called a Sapphire, with the exception of a red sapphire, more commonly known as a Ruby. A pinkish-orange sapphire also has it's own name; Padparadscha.

Sapphire rings can be made using both natural and synthetic sapphire. Synthetic sapphire can be grown via many different processes, and it's relatively cheap manufacturing costs make it ideal for use in synthetic sapphire rings.

Natural sapphire rings are generally more expensive than synthetic sapphire rings, as high quality natural sapphires are harder to come by.

Visit our information page for more details on sapphire jewellery.

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Sapphire Rings

18ct Diamond & Sapphire ring

18ct Diamond & Sapphire ring

Gemstone Rings - Sapphire Rings

18ct White gold Sapphire and Diamond cluster ring

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